Malabass Pricing Page

For now I'm just going to list the specialty add-ons and their prices. Since really there is no stock bass it's best to call or e-mail so we can get more specific on woods and hardware requirements.

Parallel standard Frets subtract -$200

RMC Piezo 6 individual bridges with Midi and 13pin Roland connector. Also includes piezo magnetic buffer add $928

Dual Truss Rods add $50

More than 5 neck laminates add $100 per extra laminate layer

More than 2 Body laminates add $100 per layer for 2 wings (both sides)

Standard bridges and tuners are Hipshot on headed instruments unless otherwise requested. Malabass prefers to use Bartolini or EMG pickups and they are standard equipment unless otherwise requested. Also malabass outfits all new basses with DR Extralife or Neon strings.